Publish WebDeploy Automatically with VS Build

In general, its pretty easy to extend the MSBuild process in ASP.NET projects using the [ProjectName].wpp.targets file.  I recently attempted to answer a StackOverflow question asking how to automatically deploy on every Visual Studio build using this technique.  My first overly-confident answer was to add the same MSBuild properties that would be used from the command line in the .csproj or file:


I didn’t even try this out before answering because I was sure this would work.  Alas no, it didn’t work so I spent the next few days researching this further.

The DeployOnBuild property specifically was ignored when set statically in  the project file.  Apparently it is a special property that must be set globally on the commandline.  

As an alternative, I found that I could call MSBuild again passing the property and it worked.

You’ll notice I created some new properties to make it a bit easier to understand.  The MSBuild call references the same project so I also placed a Condition on the call to avoid a circular reference.  You can also customize which publish profile is deployed by updating the AutoDeployPublishProfileName MSBuild property.


The working source for this solution is on Github at

Please leave a comment below if this blog post was helpful or you have additional questions.  Happy deployments!

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