Publish WebDeploy Automatically with VS Build

In general, its pretty easy to extend the MSBuild process in ASP.NET projects using the [ProjectName].wpp.targets file.  I recently attempted to answer a StackOverflow question asking how to automatically deploy on every Visual Studio build using this technique.  My first overly-confident answer was to add the same MSBuild properties that would be used from the […]

CHEF TIP: Constrain Dependent Cookbook Versions

Had an issue last night with a Chef cookbook that I was developing using Kitchen.  The cookbook had been working no problem 2 nights ago and all of the sudden started getting the following error during the Kitchen Converge:        [2017-03-15T18:54:32-07:00] WARN: PowerShell 2.0 is not supported or already installed on this version of Windows: […]

nano Quick Tip: Append to Path environment Variable

Making a persistent change to the PATH environment variable in Windows Nano was harder than expected.  I found many forum/blog posts that had different PowerShell scripts to append to PATH that would work in older versions of windows but not in Nano.  I finally found the following script works in Nano:  Now I can access […]

WINRM to WINDOWS Nano Server 2016

Decided to try out Windows Nano Server 2016 today in a HyperV VHD.  Microsoft provides a VHD for Nano on their evaluation site or you can create your own VHD. Nano is a headless operating system.  This means you can’t remote into it like other Windows Server OS versions because it doesn’t have […]