Microservices Update from BUILD 2017

One of my main goals at BUILD this year was to get a better understanding of how Microsoft is recommending to build microservices with .NET.  The term “microservices” was thrown around quite a bit during the keynotes and sessions but there was very little detail offered beyond these references. The context of these references was […]

ChefDK 1.4.3 Upgrade

I finally found some time to upgrade and test ChefDK 1.3 from 1.2.22 this weekend.  When I went to download the bits I found 1.4.3 is now the latest stable release.  Chef moves fast! The install was quick and painless, as usual. Chef Development Kit Version: 1.4.3chef-client version: 12.19.36delivery version: master (41b94ffb5efd33723cf72a89bf4d273c8151c9dc)berks version: 5.6.4kitchen version: […]

Microsoft BUILD 2017 Conference Recap

EBSCO sent me and 4 other developers to the BUILD conference again this year.  (It is so great to work for a company that values training and community engagement but is also willing to pay for it.) The conference was held in Seattle this year at the Washington State Convention Center downtown.  For those that […]

Reducing Feature Test Time

Back in the day, we would spend weeks, sometimes months, manually testing applications for regressions after adding new or changing features. So, we started our Continuous Delivery journey with a new definition of done 4 years ago: All new feature development must also have automated feature tests. At the time we utilized CodedUI (Microsoft’s user […]

Parameterization Preview v1.3 Released with VS2017 Support!

A couple years ago I created an extension to Visual Studio for previewing config transformations similar to the old config transform preview feature.  We have found this tools really helpful at work for converting from config transforms to parameterization and generally to preview config parameterizations. This week I upgraded the extension to include support for […]