Professionally, I am a .NET developer currently working at EBSCO Industries, Inc. where I have served in various capacities since 2007.  My current title is Software Architect in the EIS Enterprise Data and Services Engineering group.  In this role, I have the privilege of working with some of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever met.  Working as part of this team has provided the most rewarding work experiences I have ever been involved in.

Blake Helms and I also cofounded the Birmingham .NET Meetup which meets monthly and holds other special training events with the goal of helping developers improve their craft and build an active .NET community in Birmingham.

My goal for this blog is to share some of my experiences (both technical and non-technical) to benefit others in the software development industry.  Also, its a lot easier to find my old documentation via Bing than looking in My Documents.

Personally, I have a life too (yes it is possible)!  With an amazing wife and three lovely daughters I mostly spend time with my family after work but I also find a little time for other hobbies as well.  Including helping lead worship at my church, brewing beer and more coding at home.

In all of these efforts and my life I attempt to honor/glorify Jesus Christ my Savior and love others like He does.

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  1. thanks for clearing up my @azuresupport issue re: filling in the server name in the Visual Studio “Publish” panel , Robert ,,,, Do you know if I had trouble getting that info because I overlooked some documentation or a form item on my Azure dashboard ?? And I don’t know if you saw the entire thread of messages / interactions with @azure support … but after 3 exchanges they still have not given me the correct info. My application is running in shared mode so I don’t have access to Azure support on the portal … Just really shocked that @azresupport on Twitter were not able to immediatley give me the answer … Do you think that Microsoft is aware of this lack of competnece … Guess if I was working on something mission critical I’d be paying for support … but from what I understand if I were on ACS I would have gotten a correct answer to issues like this fairly quickly. Do you have any experience / opinions about working with @azuresupport. Thanks … Steve Mintz wp710012@gmail.com

    1. Glad to help out. Yeah its tough to get good support on Twitter usually because its hard to get all the details. I do believe they offer premier support as well. There are lots of Azure customers so I’m sure its hard to answer all the questions as well. That’s why I try to help out on Twitter, Stack Overflow and my blog. I encourage you to help others as well. That’s how we create a healthy community. Thanks for the comment.

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