MVVM Light

I’ve been using the MVVM Light framework for my Windows Phone App and have really liked the experience.  This is my first Silverlight 3/4 app and like the decoupled nature of the MVVM pattern.  MVVM Light makes it really easy.  I have avoided any code  in the code-behind so far and hope to continue to do so.

Before I updated to the beta tools I was able to test the ViewModels from a second NUnit test project.  No issues.  After the update, I either can’t get it to build because its targeting a different runtime or if I update the runtime ReSharper/NUnit won’t run the tests.   I think I am going to have to get the NUnit source and compile it against the phone runtime.  Will update you when I try it.


UPDATE (7/25/2010) – I am now able to unit test my WP7 app.  Check out the update.

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