Marketplace App Submission

I finally submitted my app to the market place on 10/11 during the early access program.  The submission process was pretty smooth.  The entire process took maybe 30 minutes.  I had most of the images and information prepared ahead of time which helped.

After about three days the submission status changed from “Testing in Progress” to a testing failed status.  I attempted to view the details but the page was blank.  I posted in the forums to let the team know about it.  Many people had the same problem, I found. 

On 10/27 I received an email that the issue had been resolved.   The day before I resubmitted the application, to see if that made a difference.  Not sure if I had done something wrong but the status never changed from “Submission in progress” to “Ready for Testing”.  So again I resubmitted the application.  The status is now “Testing in progress”, so I’m waiting again.  I’m expecting for the testing to fail again since I didn’t change anything, but at least now I should be able to see why it fails.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


As far as improvements to the marketplace, I have thought of a few and emailed the team:

  • There should be an option to use the same images for all languages.  I didn’t have any changes to make here but was forced to go through 4 extra screens during the submission process.  It would have been nice to skip these.
  • It would also be nice if the dropdown boxes were aware of viewable screen.  There were several I found that required window scrolling on my wide screen laptop.

I know these are minor.  Overall the experience was very positive.

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