Beware: Wp7 Emulator Time

Just thought I would mention an issue I had with the emulator today.   I was trying to make some rest calls to a well known web service and kept getting denied with a “Not Found” error in VS.  Trying the url in IE gave a 404.  I finally tried in Chrome and got some meaningful info back.  Apparently the request was expired because the timestamp querystring value was wrong.  So I checked DateTime.Now in the immediate window and sure enough it didn’t match my system time.  At first I thought we arrived at the end of time, with it being the first of the year.  After further reflection of the world and life as I knew it, I remembered I’m using an emulator which has its own time and it had been several days since I shut it down.  This resolved the issue.  I think I will start restarting the emulator more often. 

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