Microsoft Connect Conference 2016 – Day 1 Recap

Wow, just wow!  If you missed the Microsoft Connect 2016 Day 1 keynote you missed a lot!  In total, there were two and a half hours of announcements, demos and news from Microsoft.  They covered Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin mobile development, .NET, SQL and much more. I”ve tried to distill the biggest announcements and statements from the keynote with the following list, most of which also provide a link to further information.

The event was streamed live and the recording is available here.  I highly suggest watching the recording if you missed it.

It seems like every Microsoft conference has bigger announcements, a bigger comitment to open source and are working with more companies/organizations which they previously consider competitors.  AND they aren’t done at Connect 2016 yet.  There are two more days of live streaming to watch at

Its never been more exciting to be a .NET developer and I can’t wait to see how Microsoft will surprise us next. Long live .NET!

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